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At By Mia Cosmetics, we believe that our patients and their individual needs come first. But in an industry flooded with new products and procedures, we must make sure that health and safety are never compromised. We therefore always opt for safe and tested solutions. In short, we use the best brands that we know really work! The close bond I build with my clients is imperative for me to get to know them, and work with them towards finding the right treatment for every concern they might have. If you want to hear more about our Permanent Make-Up, aesthetics and beauty clinic, contact us today.

Our Services

Tailor-Made for You


Permanent Lip Blush - £150

Lip Blush Birmingham 

Gloss & Go! Creating definition and fullness with a soft contour and blush. This treatment restores and corrects colour and shape that may have been lost, enhancing your natural lips to look healthy and youthful. Colour choice is totally custom made to suit you, you can even match to your favourite lipstick, liner or gloss! 


SPMU Eyebrows Nano Blading, Combination & Ombré Brows  £150

Micro blading Eyebrow Tattoo Birmingham 

Wake Up Ready! Eyebrows are essential for framing the face – a beautifully shaped and defined brow will instantly transform your appearance, lifting and enhancing your whole look.Semi-permanent make up (SPMU) is the perfect solution to give fantastic definition and shape to your brows creating the beautiful, naturally enhanced eyebrows you’ve always wanted that last all day, every day without the need for regular make up. Saving you time and money on your daily make up routine, SPMU means your brows look beautiful from morning to night with zero effort, no matter how busy your lifestyle.
We provide a combination of methods which provide perfect precision, longest lasting results which are gentle to the skin and tailored to all skin types and brows. Excellent for balancing uneven brows, lengthening them, filling in gaps and even creating completely new realistic looking brows when there is no natural brow hair left (usually due to over-plucking or lost due to illness), Our SPMU treatment is totally tailored to you, from the precision mapping, to the endless possibilities of colours down to our various finishes looks. No harsh, blocky eyebrows, just a beautiful soft, stunning final look which suits you!

Benefits of Semi-permanent make up for brows• Fills in over-plucked or sparse eyebrows• Removes the time and cost of everyday brow makeup routine • Creates a stunning shape and extra definition for a more groomed and youthful look • Gives the appearance of realistic looking brow hair with an individual 3D hair-stroke technique, or• Creates a glam brow effect, like newly made up brows, with the Ombre technique• Perfect for correcting uneven brows, for scar coverage, for alopecia sufferers or people undergoing medical treatments that have resulted in hair loss


Profhilo Skin Booster £200
Seventy Hyal - £120

Skin Booster Birmingham 

The Injectable Glow! Profhilo is an injectable skin remodelling treatment that is used for its immediate hydrating and skin tightening results. Think of it as an injectable glow! Like a real life instagram filter for your skin! 

The product has won multiple aesthetics awards and is loved by beauty editors and celebrity facialists the world over due to its almost-instant and long-lasting results.


The treatment targets skin that lacks volume and elasticity, making it ideal for anyone over the age of 30 who is experiencing some skin laxity, crepe-like skin or fine lines and wrinkles.

Although it’s most commonly used on the face, it can also work well on the neck, décolleté, arms, knees and hands.

After Profhilo treatment, you will notice that your skin looks and feels smoother, firmer, more hydrated and radiant. In fact, your skin quality will improve for 6 - 9 months.


BIAB Gel Manicure & Pedicure 

BIAB Nails Birmingham 

BIAB stands for “Builder In A Bottle” which is also commonly referred to as “Builder Gel”. A new alternative to gel polish that will leave your nails looking strong, glossy, healthy and fabulous! This is a durable option for those looking to grow natural nails, or just prevent breakage. It is also highly resistant to lifting at the edges, which contributes to the longevity of the manicure. Lasting up to 3 week.


Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti Wrinkle Injections Birmingham

An effective way to soften and smooth lines and wrinkles

1 Area - £120

2 Ares - £190

3 Area - £220

eyebrows makeup

Salt & Saline SPMU Tattoo Removal - £60 

Tattoo Removal Birmignham 

A safe and effective method to remove or fade semi permanent eyebrow tattoo with exceptional results. ( Tattoo can be no older than 5 years) 


Lash Lift & Tint - £40
HD Brows - £25

Brows and Lashes Birmingham

Lash Lift - Wake Up Beautiful! This revolutionary natural lash treatment creates the appearance of longer, thicker natural eyelashes with no glue, extensions or mascara! The added tinting creates a mascara effect, so your lashes are perfect from the moment you wake up. Ideal for those seeking a low maintenance more natural look, the effects are instant and last from six – eight weeks. Many people choose this treatment before a holiday so they don’t need to worry about mascara running in the heat or water.

  • Please note - Lash Lifting requires a patch test a minimum of 48 HOURS before appointment. Patch tests must be repeated for new clients or if 6 months have elapsed since your previous treatment

  • We do not recommend to have the treatment in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy

  • There is aftercare advice for this treatment- it is imperative that you follow this for best results

Hd Brows - High Definition Brows is a high precision procedure that transforms even the most over plucked or unruly brow into its perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. Your High Definition Brow Stylist will begin with an in-depth consultation to discuss the size, shape and look you want before beginning work on your bespoke brows. Custom – blended colour is applied, ensuring your new brows compliment your look, and your style. From there, we use our exclusive brow mapping formula to design your unique shape before using a combination of High Definition hair removal techniques to create it.  Finally your brows will be perfected using our makeup collection along with a mini makeup lesson to help you maintain and make the most of your brows between appointments. And don’t worry if there isn’t enough hair to create your perfect arch immediately, we’ll put you on a regrowth programme and work with you every step of the way to achieve the brow for you.

Please note HD Brows requires a patch test a minimum of 48 HOURS before appointment for all new clients or if 6 months has elapsed since your previous treatment.


Luxury Derma Plane Facial - £35

Facials Birmingham 

The key to perfect skin! The perfect facial for all skin types. Enjoy this refreshing, brightening facial, starting with a skin cleanse followed by the dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning is a method of physical exfoliation but instead of using granules, a surgical scalpel is used to gently exfoliate the skin's surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with the fine villus hair (peach fuzz), and removal of

dead skin cells. Having prepared the skin for deeper absorption of products a hydrating sheet mask will be applied. This next-generation ultra-

hydrating sheet mask infuses skin with a synergistic blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Vitamin E, which will lift, hydrate, plump and brighten the skin after a single


Benefits of dermaplaning include:

  • Removal of dead skin safely

  • Eliminates soft facial hair that otherwise traps dirt and oils

  • Promotes smoother skin

  • Reduces the appearance of ache scars

  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines

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Client Reviews

I would highly recommend Mia. She is professional, friendly and very welcoming. She makes you feel as if you're going to meet a friend.

The treatment what she offers are brilliant. I normally go to get my nails done but most recently I've had my brows done. I am so so happy with brows. |love them. I wouldn't risk of going to anyone else other than Mia. Thank you

Mia xx

A therapy session whilst having your toes done, what more could you want. The best service as always x

Beautiful inside out, very professional

Loveliest person. So thorough and precise with her nails. Can't fault her. Love love love.

Amazing as always! Always feel at ease with Mia and her work speaks for itself she is amazing!

Professional and very friendly. Always makes you feel welcome.

Mia offers great customer service. I'm a very happy customer xx


"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection"


Meet Mia

Owner of By Mia Cosmetics, Advanced beauty, aesthetic and tattoo practitioner.

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